Visit to NY Humane Society

Saturday April 23rd, my mom and I got a tour of the HSNY. It was just us. (HSNY – Humane Society of New York is not the same as HSUS – Humane Society of the United States). Though these two places do the same thing, they are not related at all. Anyway, I was very impressed with HSNY.

My tour guide, Anne Marie, was so warm and friendly. She took me to all five floors of HSNY. The first floor we went to was the main adoption center. It was filled with cats, and had some dogs. These animals were not crammed into small cages, in fact, they had rather large cages. Each cat had a bed and a carrier, food and water, a litter box, and a toy. It’s a nice little home. Also, the cats aren’t in cages all day. They come out to wander the floor in different groups. One of the cats comes out first all by himself because he doesn’t like any other cats. The small dogs on this floor also have large spaces, that are very comfy, and are filled with neccessities and toys.

The next floor I went to was the dog floor. My mom and I were not allowed to go where the dogs are kept, because strangers might stress the dogs out. That was okay though because Anne Marie showed us this beautiful dog Diego. Diego is a brown cocker spaniel, and he peed when he met us because he was very happy and excited.

After that I went to a floor that had two bunnies, Ebony and Ivory, and they were very cute. They’re not lop eared rabbits like mine, but they’re still cute and friendly. The bunnies are also very well taken care of; given fresh food twice a day, hay, pellets, they also have a little home inside their spacious cage.

After the bunnies, I went to the hospital at HSNY. At the hospital, animals are given check ups, operations, all the treatment they need. Also, it’s not just the shelter animals that go to the hospital, there are many clients too. So when I was at the HSNY hospital I saw some more cats, and some kittens! The kittens were the cutest little things. One grey cat had four orange kittens, and one grey kitten. Oh, I wish I was still there.

The last thing we did was go up to the office floor. On that floor there are six cats, and a dog Willis. One of the cats was allergic to some foods, and had to stay in one room where she got a different food. But she wasn’t lonely, the other cats and Willis could to go to her, she just couldn’t visit them. I don’t think she minded staying in one room though, because the room had many cat beds and toys, a couch, and things she needs.

Now, the dog Willis is a character. He was dumped in a park, but he is the cutest, friendliest, craziest, small dog there is. He is also very smart, he has his own blog. It is the Willis Post. Willis acts like he is a cat, and he gets along with the cats so well.

What HSNY does for animals is so great. They are a wonderful no kill shelter, and the world needs many more places like HSNY. HSNY also lets kids volunteer, as well as adults and seniors, and I’m thinking of volunteering there over the summer. I’d like to give a special thanks to Anne Marie for everything. If you’d like to learn more about HSNY, vistit their website-http://www.humanesocietyny.org/.


  1. Willis

    Hi! This is Willis!

    What a wonderful post! I loved meeting you and am so glad that you enjoyed your time here. The things you said about my sister Misty and friend Diego are so sweet and we would love to see you back here anytime. I’ve enjoyed following your stopthemeanies blog and look forward to seeing some great things from you. On behalf of all the animals here at HSNY, thank you so much for all you are doing!


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