Horrified: part two-Gaia

Gaia was a dog, she was murdered in a terrible way. Her owner tied her up in a plastic bag and then abandoned her in the Kalkara skip [in Malta]. Gaia was later found by people walking by, who heard the poor dog struggle to get out of the bag. Gaia later died from the ordeal.

Gaia’s owner confessed to what he did, and is now jailed for a year. I don’t know how someone could do such a thing to animal, especially their own. Gaia died an unfortunate death, and today many other animals are too. There is too much animal cruelty in this world. When an animal gets hurt, no one wins. The animal is hurt, or possibly dies, and the human either lives in shame, or in jail.  I just wish I could know what goes through a person’s mind when they hurt an animal.


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Horrified: part one-the gas chambers

So I was looking up information on ‘Animal Awareness Day’ to see if it existed. I didn’t find much, just a few small organized events. Anyway, that blog will have to wait. During my research I was brought to someones facebook page. This facebook page was like my blog in a way. It was getting the word out about different animal issues.

Two issues bothered me the most. The first issue was the gas chambers. I don’t quite understand gas chambers but from what I figured out it is horrifying. I think what basically happens is that an animal, (usually a dog), is stuck into a gas chamber and euthanized.

When an animal is euthanized, I think they are forced to breathe in carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. However, based on a picture I saw, it doesn’t add up. In the picture, it looks like a dog was beyond destroyed it looked beaten. On the other hand, I thought the animals were breathing in lethal gasses. In addition to the gas the animal is most likely terrified because (s)he is shoved into a chamber and trying to break out. While trying to break out the animal could cause him/herself many painful injuries.

Something else that bothers me about gas chambers, is that it is gas chambers. I guess it reminds me of what happened during the Holocaust. The Holocaust is something I will never understand completely because I don’t get how someone could be so full of hatred. I don’t understand how someone could try to wipe out a whole nation, my people. Therefore I don’t understand how someone could do that to an animal. Animals are killed this way, not put to sleep. Innocent animals. They never did anything but want a home and family.

I hope soon our world will come to its senses and do even more to help create a healthy and happy environment for animals. I am appalled by gas chambers, and there must be a stop to them now. Anyone can help. Even if it is just by going on to google, learning information, and spreading the word. On that note, please help put an end to gas chambers, and all animal cruelty.

(Link to the facebook page) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Creation-of-an-international-cruelty-to-animals-awareness-day-Jan-27th/287911689600

(Link to my data) http://www.americanhumane.org/animals/stop-animal-abuse/advocacy/campaigns/stop-gassing-campaign.html

To sign a petition to stop this cruelty click on the link below.


(part two coming soon)

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True Vet Care

Yak & LouA few weeks ago one of my guinea pigs had a cancerous tumor removed, while the other one had a hernia removed. Yak, the one who had breast cancer, had a hard time healing.

First, he was allergic to the disolving stitches. My mom and I took Yak back to One Love Animal Vet. They had to reoperate and then Yak stayed several days after.

Once home again he still wasn’t healing properly and my mom and I were worried. The vet was too and asked us to bring him back and leave him there. Yak ended up staying for three weeks and Dr. Humpreys and the assistants took such good care of Yak.  You can tell they really love animals.

Yak stayed in a cage for cats, and was treated like a pasha! At One Love Animal Vet they cleaned him every day, and attempted to make a shirt that would prevent him from picking out the staples.

Now Yak is home and my mom and I clean him twice a day. He is doing much better, and I couldn’t appreciate more what One Love Animal did for my guinea pig.  They didn’t even charge us for the extra time he spent there – they just cared about getting Yak healed.

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Her brother was dead, she was half dead. Tina.

I was visiting my guinea pig Yak at the vet. He had just had surgery, and the vet was taking care of him. As we went to put him back in his cage, we saw a scrawny puppy in the room. Her stomach was on a towel, she was so skinny and beaten up, but still she looked adorable.

“That’s Tina” one of the assistants said. “She was handed over by Sean Casey Animal Shelter. Her brother died.”

“Who would hurt an animal?” My mom said. “What a horrible thing!”

I didn’t talk, I just knelt down and pet Tina. I could feel every bone, and see her spine. She started licking my hand and trying to stand and come next to me. She couldn’t. I felt so bad for her. “It’s okay, you don’t have to stand. Stay down. It’s okay Tina, stay down,” I kept telling the pup.

After we left the vet I couldn’t stop thinking about Tina, and the pain in my mouth. ( I had oral surgery that morning.) Anyway, I just hope Tina gets better. I don’t know why anyone would intentionally hurt an animal. They’re such beautiful creatures, but i guess that’s just goes to show how messed up our world is.

Good luck Tina!

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A Pug Story

The other day I was walking up the block with my friend and her mom because we were going to a school open house.

Their neighbor was walking his dog, and he also had his baby with him. His dog is a pug, and pugs are my favorite type of dog. I told that to my friend, and then we just kept looking back at the dog and making comments like, ‘it’s so cute’, ‘look at its stubby legs and squishy face’, ‘its adorable’, things like that.

The owner looked at us, and then at his baby triumphantly. My friend and I turned away and laughed. The owner thought we were talking about his baby, but really we were just admiring the pug. At the time it was really funny, and when I told my mom the story, she laughed.

“Was the baby cute?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t even look at the baby!” I laughed.

“You sound like grandma!” She exclaimed.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because,” she replied. “You know how she is with her dog,” my mom laughed. And then she reminded me of the story when we stayed at my grandmother’s house.

“Yes,” I laughed. My grandma loves her dog Bo more than anything in the world. One time me and her dog were right next to each other, and she came into the room and said good night to him and gave him a big kiss on the head, then she left. No good night for me, oh well.

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Leesha’s Heroes

I burst into my apartment, with my dad and yelled to my mom, ” We saved a dog!”

My mom was sitting by the guinea pigs who had just come back from having surgery. One had a hernia, and the other had breast cancer. Anyway, my mom looked at my me and my dad and asked us, “What do mean? How did you save a dog?”

“We’ll tell you at dinner, I’m so hungry!” So we all sat down at the dinner table and I began to tell her the story:

“We were walking home from synagogue and we heard a bang! Dad and I looked back and we saw a big white dog running. Everyone on the street just stared and watched. I said to dad, ‘ we might have to take him home for a night. we at least need to help him.’ My dad agreed to help the dog, and we started walking down the street towards the dog. The big white, fluffy dog kept walking away from us, it was as if he knew we were trying to catch him.”

“So there we are walking on the streets of Brooklyn at 9 p.m., trying to catch a stray dog. Luckily a man who was walking his dog on the street, gave us the leash to his dog. This man’s name is Mr. Brown. We also met a woman whose name I don’t recall. So now the woman, dad, and I are trying to catch a dog, but the dog just kept walking.”

“‘Stop,’ I told them, and they did. So did the dog. Then, I slowly approached the dog, and she let me pet her. Now that this dog wasn’t running away from us, dad put the leash on her. And of course, now that we finally caught the dog, the dogs lies down and refuses to walk. Two men on the street told us the owner lives on Prospect Place, but it wasn’t much use because the dog wasn’t walking anyway.”

“The lady called 911, but they said they don’t handle situations like this, and told her to call 311, so she did. All 311 did was nothing, they put her on hold so she hung up.”

Finally, a miracle happens. A man walked right past us with a leash, but no dog, we looked at him, and he looked right back at us. Then he walked over to us and asked us if we had seen a white dog. The three of us pointed at our feet. ‘Oh thank G-d, bless you! Thank you so much!’ He bent down and pet her and gave her lots of hugs.

“‘What’s her name?’ I asked.”

“Leesha,’ he replied. He also explained how she got her name. It’s because she’s a Russian or Himalayan dog, I don’t really remember.The owner explained to me, dad, and the lady that Leesha has a leg problem. We told the owner that we think she got hit by a car and he got really nervous, he didn’t want to believe us, but I’m sure he did. He also got Leesha to walk. She had some trouble, but she did.”

“I was so happy, and dad and I didn’t even mind walking to Mr. Brown’s apartment building to return the leash, even though his leg hurt, and my toe hurt.”

“After returning the leash, we came home.”

Helping Leesha made me feel so good and heroic. I was so happy to be able there to help.

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Chicken Run

The other day I was riding the bus to school and one of my friends said,”Look at that truck!  It’s full of chickens!” I turned as well as a few others. The truck was filled with cages of chickens and ducks. I felt so bad for the animals. They had no room to move, and surely they were about to meet death.

I hope one day farms will go back to how they were years ago. When people actually cared for the animals and the animals were happy. Today many farm animals are treated horribly. They’re in cages, and are given hormones, and many dead animals are just left in the cages and spread disease.

I wish all people could understand animals have feelings too. They don’t like being crammed into cages. Animals also feel pain. That sounds like a no brainer, but some people don’t know. Some people will go and cause an animal as much pain as possible. It’s  horrible.  All animals should be treated with respect.

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When I was younger, I was told to stay away from pitbulls because I would try to pet every dog I walked by. I got the idea pitbulls aren’t very friendly, and I always felt sorry for them. I thought all dogs were nice. The truth is not all dogs are nice, any dog can be mean, and any dog can be nice depending on how they are treated.

Pitbulls are generally thought of as mean because they are trained to fight. Biting is not the big issue, any dog will bite. The difference between a pitbull biting and another dog biting is a pitbull’s jaw locks. Pitbulls being trained to fight bothers me a lot. I don’t think any animals should be trained to fight, it is unfair to the animal and its victim.

What do you think?

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Shelter Animals vs. Pet Store Animals

The other day I asked my mom, “What’s the difference between pet store animals and shelter animals?” It was a question that had been bugging me because everyone always says to adopt and not to buy, but don’t all the animals need homes?

She replied,” Pet store animals are bred so that the breeders can make money. People adopt pets from pet stores, then decide they don’t want them, so they bring them to a shelter. This adds to the population of shelter animals, whereas animals who are adopted and then brought back to the shelter, are not adding to the shelter population.”

This made a lot of sense to me. Pet stores shouldn’t hold animals, maybe have a store cat or something, but not animals to sell. All they should sell are pet supplies. Pet stores are great for pet supplies, they have almost anything you need for your pet. And of course the pet store animals need homes too, but if someone buys one, they should make sure they are really going to take care of it. Eventually, I think pet store should only sell pet supplies, and maybe fish. (I don’t think you can adopt fish, only buy).

Also, it is just better to rescue/adopt an animal. There are so many reasons why people choose to buy instead of adopt. They choose to buy because there are many rumors about shelter animals. One rumor is that they carry more diseases. Even if they do, the shelter will bring the animals to the vet. Another reason people won’t adopt is because they think shelter animals are meaner than other animals. For example, there are many pit bulls at shelters. Pit bulls are usually poorly treated and trained to fight. Then the owner decides they don’t want the dog anymore, so they abandon it or something. But pit bulls, can be really sweet. There are many more rumors, those are just a few.

Please, if you’re someone who is thinking of getting a pet, please adopt. Get your supplies at a pet store, but please please get your animal at a shelter.

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Visit to NY Humane Society

Saturday April 23rd, my mom and I got a tour of the HSNY. It was just us. (HSNY – Humane Society of New York is not the same as HSUS – Humane Society of the United States). Though these two places do the same thing, they are not related at all. Anyway, I was very impressed with HSNY.

My tour guide, Anne Marie, was so warm and friendly. She took me to all five floors of HSNY. The first floor we went to was the main adoption center. It was filled with cats, and had some dogs. These animals were not crammed into small cages, in fact, they had rather large cages. Each cat had a bed and a carrier, food and water, a litter box, and a toy. It’s a nice little home. Also, the cats aren’t in cages all day. They come out to wander the floor in different groups. One of the cats comes out first all by himself because he doesn’t like any other cats. The small dogs on this floor also have large spaces, that are very comfy, and are filled with neccessities and toys.

The next floor I went to was the dog floor. My mom and I were not allowed to go where the dogs are kept, because strangers might stress the dogs out. That was okay though because Anne Marie showed us this beautiful dog Diego. Diego is a brown cocker spaniel, and he peed when he met us because he was very happy and excited.

After that I went to a floor that had two bunnies, Ebony and Ivory, and they were very cute. They’re not lop eared rabbits like mine, but they’re still cute and friendly. The bunnies are also very well taken care of; given fresh food twice a day, hay, pellets, they also have a little home inside their spacious cage.

After the bunnies, I went to the hospital at HSNY. At the hospital, animals are given check ups, operations, all the treatment they need. Also, it’s not just the shelter animals that go to the hospital, there are many clients too. So when I was at the HSNY hospital I saw some more cats, and some kittens! The kittens were the cutest little things. One grey cat had four orange kittens, and one grey kitten. Oh, I wish I was still there.

The last thing we did was go up to the office floor. On that floor there are six cats, and a dog Willis. One of the cats was allergic to some foods, and had to stay in one room where she got a different food. But she wasn’t lonely, the other cats and Willis could to go to her, she just couldn’t visit them. I don’t think she minded staying in one room though, because the room had many cat beds and toys, a couch, and things she needs.

Now, the dog Willis is a character. He was dumped in a park, but he is the cutest, friendliest, craziest, small dog there is. He is also very smart, he has his own blog. It is the Willis Post. Willis acts like he is a cat, and he gets along with the cats so well.

What HSNY does for animals is so great. They are a wonderful no kill shelter, and the world needs many more places like HSNY. HSNY also lets kids volunteer, as well as adults and seniors, and I’m thinking of volunteering there over the summer. I’d like to give a special thanks to Anne Marie for everything. If you’d like to learn more about HSNY, vistit their website-http://www.humanesocietyny.org/.

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